Under the sun

Under the sun

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This was one of the last days with the beautiful fall colours before the snow came. There is a specialized hospital in Ponoka, Alberta that is called Centennial Centre which specializes in Mental Health and Brain Injury. Just outside of the hospital stands these gorgeous trees. I wandered around these trees for quite some time, taking them in at all angles. This was actually my least favourite shot as I was taking it, but after I looked through my pictures, it became my favourite.

Fall has always been my favourite season of the year. Moving to Alberta from Ontario brought me to a very quick fall season. The first year I was out here, I completely missed it. The season changed from summer to winter so quickly, that I did not even notice the week of fall season. The second year I made a point of trying to notice every detail of fall before it was quickly covered in snow. I became accustomed to the quick change of seasons. But, to my surprise, the fall of 2017 lasted for weeks. We had gorgeous yellow leaves everywhere. I was in heaven.

So this last day, as we were nearing November, I went out and captured as much of the golden beauty as I could. The sun was shining so bright that day that I could have stayed there for quite some time. Just looking back at this picture reminds me of the warm sun and happy heart I had. I hope that I can pass on some of that to you fellow reader.


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