Northern Lights

Northern Lights

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This was my first time ever capturing the northern lights. I was out near Rimbey, Alberta when we saw what we thought were clouds. The lights came in as bright and green as ever and we all watched in awe. They slowly disappeared into the darkness and I returned to the campfire. I then saw that they were picking up again and ran and got my camera for a second show. All I had was a campfire chair and some memories of reading online forums of what to do. I almost didn’t capture them, I couldn’t figure out why my camera could not focus, and then I remembered that I didn’t set it to manual focus. Sitting and waiting while the shutter is open was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever felt. Hearing that click, as my shutter closes and waiting to see the final result was almost impossible. I can still remember my shriek of “IT WORKED” as I screamed out loud. I then sat down and enjoyed the view as I watched the lights dance over my head. This was an incredible experience to witness in my very own province of Alberta. I highly recommend that anyone who has not witnessed this incredible light show, to look into heading up farther north to see them.

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