Crescent Falls

This is a long exposure of crescent falls in all of its beauty. The sun was just setting so I had to move quickly. I originally hated the sun flares but ended up growing to love them.

Sunny Summer’s Day

If you head just east of Ponoka on highway 53, you will eventually come up to a local pet shelter called Old Macdonald Kennels. They enjoy planting sunflowers during summer time and sell them to help with shelter costs. This is definitely a spot to visit every summer!

Fields of Wheat

This is a little gem thats just east of Red Deer. I had gotten directions from a friend only to find out that the area was fenced off. After speaking with a very kind older couple, they allowed me to wander onto their gorgeous property and take some pictures.

Whitegoat Falls

This cute little waterfall is just west of Nordegg, AB. It is a lovely little hike and not too hard to get right down to the waterfall.


This is one of the many little chickadee’s that currently reside at my grandmothers house in Ontario.

Roadside Waterfall

This is a sweet little waterfall that is on the side of the road in BC. If you blink you will miss it. It is somewhere near Nakusp, BC.


I LOVE fire. I enjoy sitting watching a campfire and building it to make it even larger. Recently I have found another love of capturing the movement of the flames.

Secret Cave

Hidden near a small town called Banff in Alberta, lies a small cave with a fantastic view. I visited this location twice trying to find this cave. As we were hiking in our heavy coats and snow pants, we both stayed warm. But, the second that we found this spot and sat down for lunch,[…..]

Another view of Whitegoat Falls

This is a closer up view of whitegoat falls. It is a lovely little waterfall with lots of room to explore and picnic.

Grjótagjá Cave

Does this look familiar to you? This is the cave that they filmed “that scene” on Game of Thrones with Jon Snow and Ygritte. (RIP Ygritte)

Under the sun

Fall is my favourite time of year! Nothing like vibrant colours and warm sweaters!

Northern Lights

These gorgeous northern lights graced us with their beauty just outside of Rimbey, AB. It was a spectacular show that I will remember forever.